Valorisation de la biomasse


Maître de conférences 

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Since September 2010: Assistant-Professor (HDR) at LSPC-INSA de Rouen 

& also since February 2015: Docent at Åbo akademi in chemical process technology


Research activities

biomass and CO2 valorization, process intensification (microwave irradiation, supercritical CO2), thermal safety of chemical process, kinetic and thermodynamic modelling, chemical process simulation, economic analysis of chemical processes and industrial ecology

Teaching activities
at INSA de Rouen (France) Mass transfer, Industrial risk management, Computer-aided in chemical engineering, Biofuels, Chemical engineering economics, Process simulation
2012-2016: curriculum designer at the Risk management department.
at Abo akademi (Finland) Thermal safety of chemical processes and computer-aided for chemical reaction engineering

Supervision: 3 post-doctoral theses, 6 doctoral theses, 8 master theses, 15 bachelor theses

Scientific communication: 34 articles


Academic and industrial projects

2017-2018: PHC Galileo ”EMERGENCY RESPONSE IN SECOND GENERATION BIOMASS VALORIZATION PROCESSES” in collaboration with the laboratory of Industrial Safety and

Environmental Sustainability, Bologna university (Italy).

Responsibility: Principal investigator for the French side. 


Bilateral funding program for scientific cooperation between France and Finland project. “Biomass Valorization-Process Intensification-Risk assessment”

Collaboration: LSPC (Rouen), LRGP (Nancy), Lappeenranta university (Finland), Åbo Akademi(Finland), IFPen and VTT

Goal: Organization of a workshop 10-12th of September

Responsibility:  Principal investigator for the French side.


2016-2020: Member of the “Grand Réseau de Recherche MRT-Région Haute-Normandie“
Project: Analyse Multidisciplinaire des Effets DOMINO

Responsibility: In charge of the work package 2 (4 WP) “Green process: 2nd generation of biomass”


2015-2016: Member of the “Grand Réseau de Recherche Energie-Région Haute-Normandie“
Project: Production of bio-oil from biomass pyrolysis


2014-2015: Work in collaboration with the consortium EUROKIN to study the desorption of CO2


2013-2015: Member of Interreg IV A “Pilot Burner for CO2 capture”

Laboratories consortium: CORIA, LCS, Cambridge, Brighton, Imperial college, LSPC

Responsibility: -participation to the development of a CO2 capture pilot and CO2 valorization simulation

-Post-doctoral fellow and master student supervision

-Organization of the Workshop “Utilization and valorization of CO2 for green chemistry

Chemical reactor, Optic methods and Catalyst”, 18th-20th of February 2015.


2011-2013: Epoxidized vegetable oils, a crucial intermediate for green bio-lubricant production

Finnish academy project (AKA)

Project in collaboration with the laboratory of industrial chemistry (Abo akademi, Finland) to develop a safe and intensified process for the production of epoxidized vegetable oils.

Responsibility: principal investigator


2011-2012: Funding from Region Haute-Normandie through the “Grand Réseau de Recherche Végétal, Agronomie et Transformation des Agro-ressources” was granted to study the synthesis of γ-valerolactone from levulinic acid.

Responsibility: master student supervision


2011-2012: Industrial projects with Arkema cerdato

Optimization of polymer synthesis

Responsibility: master students supervision


2009-2010: Junior researcher at teknisk kemi och reaktion engineering Åbo Akademi (Finland)

  • Research activities: continuous reactor and multiphasic reaction system,
  • Teaching activities: Industriella Reaktorer (Chemical engineering) and laboratory practices
  • Supervision: 1 Master thesis and 1 bachelor thesis


2005-2009: Doctor in Chemical Engineering, a joint degree programme between Åbo Akademi University and National Institute of Applied Sciences in Rouen (INSA of Rouen). Catalytic synthesis and decomposition of peroxycarboxylic acids, with the financial support of Finnish Graduate School of Chemical Engineering and Stiftelsen för Åbo Akademis forskningsinstitut.


February-August 2005: Industrial research project for Kemira (Finland). Kinetic study of decomposition of stabilized hydrogen peroxide by analyzing “on-line” the gaseous decomposition products


March-October 2004: Master’s thesis in Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry (Åbo Akademi). Kinetic study of the decomposition of peroxypropionic acid in liquid phase


January-March 2003: Scientific project in Laboratory of chemical hazards and process (Rouen). Calorimetric study of liquid-liquid reactions in biphasic medium, use of calorimetric reactor (RC1)


May-June 2002: Maitrise’s project in Laboratory of Army Gasoline Supply (Marseille). Correlation study between infrared spectrum and physico-chemical features (viscosity, coal mass…) of oil


August 2001: Internship in Laboratory of soil analysis in the International Center for Agronomic Research and Development (Réunion Island). Assay methods for carbon, phosphorus (flow analysis) and atomic absorption


July 2001: Internship Laboratory of Selective Organic Synthesis (Marseille). Improvement of a method for synthesizing butyrolactone


2015  Habilitation à diriger des recherches (HDR) Université de Rouen

2009  Chemical Engineering doctor with honor and European label, a joint degree programme between Åbo Akademi University and INSA of Rouen.

2008  Licentiate thesis: Catalytic synthesis and decomposition of peroxypropionic acid

2004  Master’s Degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. INSA of Rouen

Master’s degree in Risk management of chemical hazards. University of Rouen

2002  Maitrise Degree in Chemistry. University of the Mediterranean in Marseille

2000   Diploma of Biological Sciences (DEUG SV). University of the Mediterranean




Doctoral and Post-doctoral thesis


October 2017: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Yanjun Wang “Gamma-Valerolactone synthesis: development of a green and safe process” (LSPC INSA de Rouen) supervised by S. Leveneur and L. Vernières-Hassimi, Defense in April 2020

September 2015: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Xiaoshuang Cai “carbonation of vegetable oils” (LSPC INSA de Rouen) Defense in March 2019

November 2014-April 2015: Post-doctoral thesis of Dr. Keltouma Ait aïssa on safety aspect of biomass valorization

September 2014: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Suttiya Chiewudomrat “Rainbow method for the adsorption of CO2” (CORIA LSPC) Defense in October 2017

April 2014-July 2015: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Balsam Belgacem “Kinetic and thermodynamic study of phosphate dissolution into phosphoric acid” in collaboration with National Engineering School of Gabes, Tunisia

September 2012: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Junliu Zheng “Green process for smart polymers: carbonation of vegetable oils” (LSPC INSA de Rouen) Defense in April 2016

Post-doctoral thesis of Dr. Botao Huang “Valorization of levulinic acid under CO2 atmosphere” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Post-doctoral thesis of Dr. Pasi Tolvanen on “Synthesis of epoxidized vegetable oils under microwave irradiation” (Åbo akademi, Finland)

September 2011-October2015: Doctoral thesis of M.Sc. Chao Gu “Modeling and optimization of material/energy flow exchanges in an industrial park” (LSPC INSA de Rouen) Defened in October 2015


Master thesis


February-August 2017:
Master thesis of Anna Laura Garbetti “Risk Assessment of the Biofine Process for the valorization of Lignocellulosic Biomass Materials” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Master thesis of Wander Y. Perez Sena “Kinetic study of polymerization” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

February-August 2014:
Master thesis of Hasinjanahary H. Rakotondramaro “Safety study of epoxidized vegetable production : key compound for CO2 valorization” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Master thesis of Freites Adriana “Epoxidation of vegetable oils under microwave irradiation” in collaboration with Åbo akademi

February-August 2012:
Master thesis of Tamara Alexa Zamar “Valorization of levulinic acid under CO2 atmosphere” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Master thesis of Frederico Safatle “Kinetic modelling of Oleic acid epoxidation by perfoxyformic and peroxyacetic acid” (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Master thesis of Claire LeBlay on polymer synthesis in collaboration with Arkema Cerdato and LSPC INSA de Rouen   

February-August 2011:

Master thesis of P. G. Mendonça Mileo on safety study of biolubricants production (LSPC INSA de Rouen)

Master thesis of Jun Liu Zheng on polymer synthesis in collaboration with Arkema Cerdato and LSPC INSA de Rouen   

February-August 2010 :

Master thesis of C. A. de Araujo Filho on kinetic study and modelling of peroxyvaleric acid (Åbo Akademi University)    


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